All of our gowns are custom made; it is therefore important to get to know our customers and to understand their ideas and wishes.

Contact us toll free within North America at (866) 298-5412, or by email to discuss any questions you may have, or design changes you would like to make. International calls can be made to 01 902 839 2335. We securely ship worldwide using UPS.

When you are ready to order, a deposit of $500 is required to secure your spot. This comes off the cost of the gown and is refundable upon cancellation, see our refund agreement. We frequently get booked out during the main bridal season so we strongly recommend that you reserve your space ahead of time.

As one of our brides you will be offered free private phone consultations with Katherine. She will assist you in choosing the style and fabrics that suit you best. Or if you wish to create something entirely new, she will help you design it.

You may decide the date you wish to receive your dress. Please choose a date at least one month prior to your wedding to allow us to offer our complete guarantee. If your weight is stable you may receive your gown as soon as you wish. Brides who wish to lose weight or whose weight is unstable are sewn as close to the wedding date as possible, still arriving one month prior to the wedding date.

Are we able to make a custom made gown that fits perfectly without any fittings?

Yes!! And this is how we do it: We set up a telephone appointment and guide you through approximately 25 measurements. We then adjust one of our mannequins to your measurements, adding a bra and padding or whatever is necessary to make the mannequin exactly identical to your body. It is basically as if we were sewing it on your body, and it assures a perfect fit every time.